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At LPL, we’re always innovating new products.

Our systems are bespoke and can be custom built to fit any application and perform a multitude of actions.

Take a look at the new generation IMU angle sensors that we’ve been developing!

Next Generation Load Cell

LPL introduces its next-generation load cell that is more intelligent than ever to lead the market with manufacturers ever-improving safety requirements. This builds upon decades of field reliability of LPL load cells and maintaining robust construction methods.

This new generation takes load monitoring sensors to a whole new level in terms of accuracy, speed, self-diagnosis capabilities and efficiency while challenging the highest levels of EMC requirements in any industry without even trying.

These ruggedised sensors have survived millions of loading cycles and shock loading tests. They are available in different configurations and a variety of outputs including CANopen, J1939, 4-20mA, PWM

Series 3 & Series 4 IMU Angle Sensor

Introducing the new generation LPL Systems Series 3 and Series 4, IMU angle sensor and Twin channel EN15000 Telehandler LLMI sensor.

Both utilising the J1939 CANbus protocol, these sensors take angular and vehicle axle load measurement to a whole new level of accuracy, stability and repeatability.

Both devices are fully configurable to suit specific applications of load and angle measurement in any plane.

With built in optional temperature monitoring, the all new LPL Systems Telehandler LLMI sensor is capable of real time axle case temperature reporting via CANbus to the vehicle ECU, this inovative sensor offers added benefit to high level roading and braking vehicles, particularly agricultural Telehandlers performing heavy roading and trailer work operations.

EN15000 Telehandler twin channel LLMI sensor.

LPLs Europlacer hard at work this afternoon producing the first production batch of our latest EN15000 Telehandler twin channel LLMI sensor.


J1939 CANbus.

EN15000 compliant (True twin channel separation).

200 V/M EMC.

-40°C – +85°C operating range.

Real time axle temperature reporting via CANbus.

IP68 status.

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